Snowbeasts Upcoming Shows and Tour

Live Electronic Music

4/13 – Providence, RI @AS220 with Harpy, Jenn Taiga, Luciform, Lady Purge

4/21 – Providence, RI @AS220 with Friendly Spectres, CRAOW, Aldia

4/22 – Saratoga Springs, NY – SUPER DARK MONDAYS @Desperate Annie’s with Al1ce, Architrave

4/25 – Jersey City, NJ – @ Pet Shop with Neon Funeral, Giveth

4/26 – Richmond, VA – @Club Fallout VA with Parricide Sentence, Chains of Desire, Fleshing Machine, The Treasury

Sold Out Show at MOS Planetarium

We are looking forward to bringing our new beats, atmospheres, and haunting body music to even more shows later in 2024! Don’t miss out on the chance to book us. Send us a DM on Instagram or an email to Let’s make it happen.

Snowbeasts “Nocturnal”

Nocturnal Box Set

Our friends at Chthonic Streams have just released the newest Snowbeasts album, Nocturnal. After a few rhythm-heavy releases, this can be seen as looking back to the dark ambient roots of the project, but with the heavier electronic sound developed since then. It is also perhaps our darkest, most foreboding material to date, and makes use of waterphone, gong, bowed cymbal, bone trumpet, voice and modular synth.

Limited edition comes in a black archival box holding a black CD-r in a window sleeve with 5×5 cardstock cover/credits card, 3 additional art prints by Noah G. Hirka mounted on black boards, and a pouch of Snowbeasts talismans: stick, stone, and bone.

Listen/Order Here: