Snowbeasts, hailing from Providence, unleashes a heavy beat-oriented composition showcasing the band’s signature otherworldly textures and eerie synthetics. “Let’s Be Animals” is a dance floor stomper that features the commanding vocals of Elizabeth Virosa. Her voice dominates the track, driving the listener into a frenzied state that is both primal and exhilarating. 

Darkwave and EBM Collide in Snowbeasts’ Mesmerizing Video for “Let’s Be Animals” —


The post-industrial drone and beat heavy duo Snowbeasts began as an experimental modular synth side project of Raab Codec (Robert Galbraith) composed during the harsh and blizzard riddled winter of 2014 in the Northeast.

During the winters that followed, Elizabeth Virosa (Elizabeth Galbraith) contributed further to the project by writing tracks and adding ethereal vocals, as the act began to become more involved in the Providence electronic music scene.

Their new album “The Endless” presents their sound in a form that is both danceable and ominous. Snowbeasts have been prolific since their inception: to date, they have over 20 releases including collaborations with Dead Voices on Air, Solypsis, D.U.M.E., and Theologian. Snowbeasts has performed live with a variety of artists including Alessandro Cortini (NIN), Richard Devine, Bestial Mouths, Mark Hosler (Negativland), Harpy, Ariadne and Void Vision.

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Live at PVD Loop Festival 2018


Live at Park Church NY 2016. Photo by Derek Rush.
Autumn Electronix Festival. Photo by Lüke-Haughwøut.
Autumn Electronix Festival. Photo by Lüke-Haughwøut.

O’Brien’s Pub Boston 2023 – Photo by Derek Rush