Release date :
April 2018

Format :
12 ” Limited Vinyl
Digital Hi-Res 24Bit

Tracklisting :
Side A
01. War cry
02. Blood aurora
03. Interference
04. Crawling out
Side B
05. Weight of the world
06. Baseline test
07. Change
08. Thirteen faces

Bonus tracks with download code:
09. In the trees
10. Wander

Information :
The music of Snowbeasts straddles two worlds. There’s the earthy, ethereal vocals of Elizabeth Virosa, looped and processed by her array of pedals and synths. And there’s the harsh electronics wielded by Robert Galbraith (aka Raab Codec, also of Pattern Behavior), modular synths and beats welded and colliding together in an unholy matrimony of noise and rhythm. It’s organic, it’s metallic, it’s natural while it’s synthetic. These two conflicting elements constantly thwart and balance each other in every second of every song. Snowbeasts, the ever evolving effort of this duo, returns from whence they emerged with “Survival,” (M-Tronic) their strongest effort to date. From within a secret installation somewhere in Providence, Rhode Island, they create their haunting electronic soundscapes, blending a cinematic ambience with darkly moving harmonies embedded in revolving, powerful modular squelches and lumbering beats. “Survival” is their 3rd release for M-Tronic and a masterpiece born from the deepest, darkest and most arcane experimental textures. ‘Interference’ sounds like the invasion of angry metal wasps driven by merciless beats and bass. “Weight of The World’s” loping intensity conjures up images of line dancing zombies and robots jittering and jerking across the dancefloor. “Change” uses a minimalist approach to create a dark, cavernous space for drums to pound and screech in under Virosa’s wafting choral drones and Codec’s skilled synthetic tremblings. Snowbeasts masterfully mutates, distorts and recycles sound, bringing forth new work from within the dark sonic atmospheres of their palette. “Survival’s” 8 new tracks lie in wait on vinyl, infused with powerful beats capable of inflicting maximum damage in the club.

These releases are currently also available through M-Tronic.

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